Staff Product Designer - Growth Experimentation


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February 19, 2023

About Shopify

Opportunity is not evenly distributed. Shopify puts independence within reach for anyone with a dream to start a business. Since 2006, we’ve grown to over 10,000 employees and generated over $496 billion in sales for 2 million merchants in 175 countries. Every 28 seconds, an entrepreneur on Shopify makes their first sale.This is life-defining work that directly impacts people’s lives as much as it transforms your own. This is putting the power of the few in the hands of the many, is a future with more voices rather than fewer, and is creating more choices instead of an elite option.About The Role

As a Staff Product Designer, you’ll lead design projects of significant scope, complexity and responsibility in creative vision, strategy and execution, meaning limitless opportunities for you to turn your ideas into reality. You’ll work closely with teams to frame user needs and behaviour, define optimized user flow, and tweak pixels before launch. You’ll collaborate with a multidisciplinary UX, product management and engineering team to deliver thoughtful and polished design work that is grounded in solid research and validation.The Growth Experimentation mission builds and scales Shopify’s experimentation platform (ExP), enabling teams across Shopify to set up, run, analyze and document experiments measuring the impact of their shipped features and changes.The mission aims to accelerate Shopify’s experimentation velocity through decreasing experiment setup time and supporting the end-to-end experimentation process in ExP. The mission focuses on developing the engines for fast setup and trustworthy experiment results, making the experimentation process from experiment definition to decision making accessible to all users and developing an interface for client applications.Cross functional team with PM, UX, Eng and Data.This team is part of the Growth Enablement pillar which aims to build internal products that enable Shopify to “take more shots on goal”. Other RnD teams within the pillar are Comm Platform, Growth Intelligence, Paid Platform and Tech operation.Qualifications


  • Working with cross-functional teams (developers, product managers, data scientists, fellow designers) to drive design vision and strategy that meets the needs of our users
  • Apply design thinking to shape the culture and process that would extend the user impact of your product
  • Manage your time across projects at different stages of the design process, and deliver iterative design solutions that build towards the product vision
  • Applying strategic thinking to visualize ideas and concepts and communicate them effectively and compellingly for internal stakeholders, partners and customers
  • Using facilitative leadership skills to drive to the best outcome for stakeholders, partners and customers
  • Building positive, collaborative relationships with product management, development, marketing, and the broader UX team, as well as continuously "raising the bar" as an effective leader of positive change
  • Running design thinking workshops and helping to guide, improve, and implement design and feedback processes
  • Being an active mentor for senior designers, and helping lead critique, design reviews, and quarterly planning


  • Expert knowledge of the end to end product design process, demonstrating a command of product strategy, distilling the jobs to be done for a given user, journey mapping, wireframing and prototyping, user testing, and high fidelity visuals
  • The ability to craft beautiful designs and delightful, useful, and usable experiences; you have strengths in visual design, interaction, user research and product design
  • Deep experience with driving and applying user-centered design processes while working with cross-functional teams including development, product management, and data science
  • Ability to design lean solutions to validate
  • Ability to create north star narrative to align the team on a vision
  • Experience with running experiments and leverage data to inform product and design decisions

As a Staff Product Designer on the Growth Experimentation team you will be a key contributor in shaping how Shopify ships and innovates. In this role, you will have a high level of autonomy in defining the experience and product direction of an entire product. This role will be a perfect fit for those passionate about solving complex problems and want to have the opportunity to mentor others across the UX team.